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by Vanderheyden, Inc. on 01/10/18

Mr Vanderheyden, Serena, Katie -

I have been very negligent in forwarding this email, I offer no excuse as I should have sent this weeks ago!

I wanted to convey my sincerest of gratitude to the Vanderheyden team for their exceptional customer service, craftsmanship, and service after the sale.  From our initial contact back in 2013 and your tremendous efforts in installing our windows and french door, and even now you have all been instrumental in facilitating our remodel even though you weren't the 'contractor of choice' (we respect your desire to no longer conduct affairs in Bay county due to the travel time).  Serena was phenomenal in helping order our windows, while Katie has been instrumental in facilitating concerns with the door leak we were experiencing and Jeff making several trips to take a look and offer repairs and YOU taking the 'responsibility' for something that turned out was NOT your teams doing.

Prior to Jeff's latest trip to our home, I concluded the leaking we were experiencing may not have actually been the doors, but rather appeared to be the screen install (water was trapped between door and screen).  Jeff confirmed my concerns and even went the extra step in sealing some locations that perhaps could allow water seepage.  Additionally, he offered suggestions to pass to the screen contractor for corrective actions to prevent water from entering our home.

All the recommendations and Jeff's hard efforts have been successful, thus far.  Even though we have had a couple major thunderstorms, 'knock on wood' we have no water in our home!  Words are unable to express the gratitude we have for the Vanderheyden team.  Even though the issue turned out to NOT be related to your previous work, you still provided fantastic customer service!!  You will continue to be our first call for our construction needs (in hopes your work migrates back this way) and will always be our recommendation to others soliciting a quality contractor who is fair, reasonable and more importantly CARING!

Thank you again Vanderheyden team, you are EXCEPTIONAL!

Fred Broussard

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